Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weather Won't Stop Us

We're a dangerous team, Syd and I (and the girls, got to start them young you know). The 30ยบ degree weather isn't going to stop us (they just went to Target). And praise the Lord because the savings were great!

All of this for guess what?????

Total OOP= $0.94 ($0.35 at Target for the batteries and $0.59 for (2) Twix and $0.00 for the pasta) AND I got $1.00 ECB back!!!!!

I didn't take a picture of my CVS, Rite Aid, and Key Food run on Monday but my totals were something very minimal ($0.35 for 4 rolls of toilet paper). Maybe next week I'll get in a picture before I put everything away.

The cashier at Key Food was so happy for my free pasta. She actually called over the manager/owner and told him about my transaction. She was that happy:) Praise the Lord for the grace and happy cashiers!

My tween actually asked me to show her how to coupon. That alone makes it worth it. She sees the blessings for the whole family and wants to bless her future family as well. Glory to God!

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  1. I am glad about your tween asking to learn about couponing as mine has asked me as well. They both see the importance to be a good steward with what God places in their hands and that will def. serve to bless them in the years to come


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