Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update: Wedding Anniversary

So remember when I had written here that we were going to have a great meal for our wedding anniversary...we did!

Hubby actually made a scrumptious meal for us while the girls and I made desert and it turned out d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!

So here's the recipe for pumpkin bars and the frosting:
(You can find similar recipes at All Recipes)

What You'll Use:
#1 Mixture
4 eggs

2 cups of sugar

1 can of pumpkin puree (I think that's about 15oz)

3/4 cups of melted butter

1/2-1 cup of chopped walnuts (depending on how much you like them)

Mix all the above

#2 Mixture

2 cups of flour (I like to do one cup whole wheat the other white flour)

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1/2-1 teaspoon of cinnamon (depending on how much you like it)

Mix all the above

#3 Mixture
1 package of 8oz cream cheese (softened)

6 teaspoons of butter (softened)

1 teaspoon of vanilla (don't want to skip this step)

1 teaspoon of milk or creamer (french vanilla or hazelnut anyone?)

1/2 cup of sugar

What You'll Do:
Mix everything in Mixture #1 then everything in Mixture #2 then combine and put batter into greased pan for 25 minutes at 350ยบ degrees.

While that's in the oven mix everything in Mixture #3 and leave in refrigerator until pumpkin bars are ready to be iced. Ice, cut, serve, and enjoy!

Note: I am now using about 2 cups of natural pureed carrots instead of the canned pumpkin puree:)


  1. it looks yummy sis, I will try it and let you know how it comes out!

  2. It def. came out delish! The icing was scrumptious. I will enjoy trying to make it.

  3. Yummy, that looks delicious...I am thinking hazelnut creamer! :O)

  4. Yummy is right. The icing looks deliciously wonderful.


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