Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home Builder: How to Start Coupon Shopping

Now that we've discussed coupon shopping and how to organize your coupons, let us start with hitting the stores. Although, it may seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be.

We're blessed here in the city to get the circulars delivered right to our doors. So now that you have the circulars and coupons, make a list of things you want to buy.

Start slow and don't let mistakes set you back. I would personally begin at CVS. Their coupon policy is a lot less complicated than Walgreens. You have to calculate your spending before tax because ECBs don't cover the tax. For example, if the purchase is $5.44 and you have a $6.00 ECB, it won't go through.

So if you're looking to get started this upcoming week (12/13/09)would be great.

Buy 2 packs of tissue paper for $1.99 each (only until Tuesday)
=$3.98 + $0.35 (tax)=$4.33 (oop)
get back $3.98 in ECBS

Use those $3.98 for next week's purchases and keeping rolling them to minimize your oop (out of pocket) expense.

Now Walgreens is a bit different. You can only use the amount of coupons (including RR) that you have for products. For example, if you have 3 coupons and 1 RR (register rewards) you must have a total of 4 products.

For example this upcoming week in Walgreens:

Transaction #1
Buy (1) Crest Glide Floss for $3.49 get a Register Reward (their store money) for a free one on your next purchase
Use $1 coupon from 11/29 PG Saver (if you have it)
=$3.49+.31 (tax)=$3.80-$1.00 (coupon if you have it)
=$2.80 (out of pocket)

So to recap, you got:
2 Crest Glide flosses for less than $2.80 which is good considering that floss even in Target is about $2.50 each. Note: When printing from the internet, most sites will let you print each coupon twice. Make sure to follow all the regulations on the coupon.

Rite Aid is the easiest but you have to wait for your rebate in the mail. But it is a check so you don't have to use it in Rite Aid. Submit your rebates immediately but do not request your check until the end of the rebate campaign. Their website will let you know this when you click to redeem your check.

This upcoming week they have:
Buy Chapstick for $2.99 get $2.99 in rebate so you'll end up paying the $0.26 tax on this one, which for chapstick is good.

The scenarios will change depending on whether you have the coupons or not, but you get the gist. For more information visit these sites for CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

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  1. The item being on sale, having a coupon for it and it having either ecb, RR, or a rebate is the ideal scenario. Basically, you want less out of pocket for more product!


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