Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home Builder: Coupon Shopping

As you may know, I enjoy coupon shopping. But is it worth it? I would say a resounding YES! This is a case in point.

But how can you maximize both your savings and time?
Organize, organize, organize.

This is a lot less intense than it looks:) I don't want to waste time looking over circulars over and over and making lists. So instead of wasting time I:

1. Look over the circulars and make a list
2. Take out the coupons I will use
3. I also look up other blogger's list to see if I missed any deals and to find extra coupons
4. Put a binder clip with coupons and circulars for each store
5. Take list in notebook and pouch (with scissors and calculator) and coupons just in case

This made shopping on Thanksgiving very easy. I went in the store with my list in hand, filled the cart, took out my coupons with circulars and checked out. No surprises for me and no frustration for the cashier or other shoppers because I'm tying up the line. The cashier in CVS enjoys seeing me "at work." He is amazed at the total and checks if I beat my own record in saving. Praise the Lord for the grace!


  1. I have come to realize that doing some prep before heading out saves time, energy and can help avoid a costly error :)

  2. I price match with my circulars, always searching for the cheapest price. :)

  3. Sis I def. need to go to your house and get a coupon lesson, it's just too overwhelming when I get all those circulars and coupons that look like I'd never use. I also got a cvs 20 percent off coupon in the mail that I want to use soon.... I also see that Syd is catching the couponing bug 86 cent OOP is awesome!

  4. God bless you sister
    please count me in when you do the coupon saving lesson seminar at your house. can this really work for anyone? I am willing to try one more time. Keep up the saving.


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14