Friday, December 25, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Picture 19
1. God has been bringing such an amazing message to our lives through our Pastor...he who has ears listen to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to the church
2. Celebrated our wedding anniversary giving thanks to God, good food and snow:)
3. Double blessing-Our niece was born on our anniversary...Thank You Lord that You manifest Yourself to them
4. My little BIC and SIC celebrated their Earthdays last week and brought cake to share with the church (lots of sweet treats this week;)
5. The Lord has been really ministering Hubby and I on serving one another. It's so beautiful to see the Lord dealing with us at the same time about the same thing
6. Hubby and the girls got to play in the snow...winter wonderland:)

7. Our family plus Mami went over to my in-laws to enjoy a nice dinner before tonight's service (have lots of there's a gift)
8. FIL really liked our gift to them...Praise the Lord!
9. Hubby got out of work early on Wednesday and has two more days off this week as well as next...You are our rest Lord!
10. Wednesday, I enjoyed a girls night in with my Sis and niece. She did my hair and we laughed and laughed. We had a great time and I already set up my appointment for next week...Ha!
11. Enjoyed some baking with the family
12. Church gift seemed to be a hit with children and parents...Thank You Lord for using the sister to make the suggestion:)
13. We received an email letting us know our boxes had been delivered to Central Asia and the Philippines!!!!
14. This is our last Count Your Blessings for 2009!!!! How I have enjoyed sharing in all that that Lord has blessed you and your family. Looking forward to what the Lord has for us this upcoming year!!!!

15. Hubby's cousin had asked my MIL to ask me to make her a hat, which I didn't agree to because I didn't want to commit myself and then not do it. But the Lord tugged at my heart and I bought the yarn around November 20. Still didn't make it. Last week, He was telling me to make it but I disobeyed (I already repented...this is why I didn't want to commit to doing it) and then I ran into her at Abuela's house. Well, I knew there was a chance she was going to be there at my family-in-laws' dinner, so I worked on it Wednesday night and Thursday morning and got it done. When I gave it to her, she yelled, jumped out of her seat, and gave me a hug and kiss. She said it was the best present and she wasn't even expecting it. All the Glory is God's. Her reaction just showed why it was (and is) so important to obey Holy Spirit.


  1. Praise, glory and honor to the Lord for all the blessings in 2009. May he shower you and the fam with an over abundance of blessings, favor, mercy, grace and love for 2010 and always!

  2. My friend. What a blessed day. I didn't have time to post this morning, but hope to post later on today. It was glorious. Thanks for caring enough to inquire about us.

    I shall catch up with you later.

    Blessings my friend. xox

  3. Hola Amiga.

    I am so thrilled you celebrated your Anniversary. Congratulations. I always love hearing about you and your family. Your relationship with your sister is one that warms my heart. I'm thinking your hair turned out pretty nice if you have an appointment next week. xox

    God bless you,


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14