Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Turn

In Thursday night's service, the church got to give thanks to the Lord for specific ways in which He has glorified Himself in our lives. And I think that the fact that He even chooses to do so is enough! Hubby participated and shared a much overdue thanks to the Lord. The testimonies were so edifying. I didn't particpate...until now. Well, a little later on that.

Let me begin with how my Thanksgiving day began. Sis and I woke up early and decided to do our runs to CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. My budget was $20. So for all of this

I paid $12.41 (oop) BUT with SCR I will be getting $9.50 back so I really paid $2.91!!!! And this also qualifies me for $5 Rite Aid gift card and I have $7 ECBs left over. You have to have been there to appreciate it.

So, we get back and after resting a bit, it's time to prepare for tonight's dinner at church. Hubby goes out to buy the juices and little did I know that BJ's would be closed and that the supermarkets that were open would be bare. But he got them. We get to work on our contribution for the dinner.

We finish making the salad and get dressed to head over to Sydney's house. On our way out my tween points this out to me

Isn't it beautiful? So we get there, eat, enjoy fellowship, and I even get to do kiki's hair with a clip. Too cute! We leave with salad in hand, kids in tow, and ready for church dinner.

Driving, driving, bump, bump...and then uh oh...this

Maybe you can't see by the angle of the picture, but there is no tire on the bottom of the rim!!! Only the Lord! In His divine protection He actually allowed traffic so we would be driving slowly when this happened as opposed to 50mph on the highway. Thank You Jesus!

So I call my Co-Pastor's wife to let her know we, the salad, and the juices are going to be late. I can't get through but my tween finally relays the message. I also call sis and she offers to come. She gets there and I leave Hubby with BIL and all the girls (me, sis, mami, 2 tweens, 1 tot, 1 baby) head out to church. Did I mention the vomiting? Oh yeah, before sis got there I had vomited.

So now I am in her car heading to church doubting whether I was going to make it because of the out of nowhere nausea. We make it. No Hubby. I call BIL and then speak to Hubby. He informs me another man, a brother in Christ, also got a flat but had no equipment to change it. They are rejoicing in the Lord for the opportunity to help the BIC. Then police officers arrive (four of them) and request for both cars to move. Then guess what? Our car won't start! But not a problem BIC is willing to give us a boost until...policer officer tells him no and gives BIC a summons for the offer. Police officer had already called tow truck which takes our car to the closest exit. Hubby gets a free boost from a taxi (grace) and is on his way to church. Glory to God!

Hubby gets to church, missed the dinner but made it to the service. Of course, he did. He had to give thanks for the miraculous healing almost 5 years overdue. What the enemy will do to stop a blessing?! But he's already been defeat!

O.k. so I wrote that to say this because it's my turn to give thanks. What am I thankful for? That I didn't freak out or even flinch about this. Seven years ago, I would have flipped BIG time. Four years ago, I would have had a meltdown. A year ago, I STILL would have found something to question God about. Why is this happening? What's the purpose? I would have gone down through a long list of possible answers. This year, I was thankful. Thankful that we have a car, that we were safe, that we had the equipment to change the tire, had already eaten, thankful we have a beautiful family in Christ that love us and kept calling to see how Hubby was doing but I had his phone, thankful Sis lives so close she picked us up, thankful Hubby was with BIL (and BIL didn't have a coat), thankful I had a church to go to, thankful for BIC that Hubby got help, thankful for the police officers and tow truck, thankful for the $76 we paid for the tow truck because it's a seed we've sown), thankful I didn't vomit in Sis' car, thankful that it didn't rob my peace or steal my joy, thankful that I could praise Him and rejoice through it all, thankful I am not who I was, and most thankful to have Jesus with me while I go through anything and everything!


  1. It goes to show us that in the midst of any situation GOD is in control and we should praise HIM in any situation. "Alaba, que alabando se pasa mejor"!

  2. maria said
    God Bless you sister, Theses are the moments that we experience to see how the word of God is real in our life, not just scriptures we declere. God said He is the present help in time of trouble. Be still and know that Iam God ( Psalm 46: 1, 10 )We need Faith to praise and trust HIM no matter what is happing around us. My God is real, faithful. Glory to HIM.

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Sis I so rejoiced reading this post. God is so good. I think that brother's testimony can add to this, when he mentioned that the tow truck driver wanted him to lie about having AAA, and he was like I'm a Christian I don't lie. This trully goes to show that the Lord gives us all a peace that surpasses all understanding! I thank the Lord that you have grown and can see the fruit for you not melting down. I am sure that this has edified your girls also, in seeing the behavior that we as followers and disciples of Christ should have.....of course you know I am going to comment on the "all of a sudden nausea".....ummmm I wonder what that can mean...maybe we'll have another thing to share during New Year's

  4. Thanks Michelle for reminding me about the tow truck "scam." I forgot about it. That's why we have to testify about His goodness. I don't want to rob Him of any glory! Umm about the nausea? We're def. open if God wants to surprise us:)


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14