Monday, November 30, 2009

Monthly Round Up: November

Another month gone by. This one was kind of different since we had to submit our first quarterly. I am grateful we haven't heard anything from them besides our return receipt.

This month we're also incorporating new things into our homeschooling. My tween is reading Psalms in Spanish to thus further help her (and me) learn the language.

I also came up with my own calendar/time recorder/grade book/lesson planner. Sounds a lot more sophisticated than it is. I just couldn't have two different books and then a calendar. So I decided to make my own.

I really like the way it came out. I just check the assignments once they're done and/or place a grade in the little circle. This gives me a clear view of what got done or what has to get checked. Hubby can look at it and know what we're studying and even help check the assignments.

My tot is progressing very well and her flex binder is finally complete. It's divided into 5 sections:
1. Bible memory verse

2. Fun Fonix

3. Site words

4. Tracer pages

5. Calendar and weather graph

Having all her work (besides the workbooks) in one place helps us stay organized and keep a routine with her. She grabs her binder from her bookbag and knows what to do without any help from me. This has also helped me for next year. I was trying to hold off from buying a full curriculum for her until another year or so, but she's advancing so I may have to get something more formal starting next September. Any ideas?

We're in the full swing of things and enjoying it a lot. Looking forward to the upcoming changes as well as strengthening what is working.

How was your month?


  1. To see my niece (tot) progressing at the rate that she simply God's glory! She expresses herself in such a clear and concise way (like a grown-up and she is only 4!). Yesterday, I noticed her writing down words that she saw. She is tooo cute.

    For me homeschooling is progressing. Praise the Lord. I will say that for next year I am going to come up with another method to write down my tween's lesson plans and her test/quiz scores.

    I think reading Proverbs in Spanish is a great idea. I started having my tween reading from her spanish Bible in Church.

  2. Great ideas, sis. Right now for Kayli I use a regular planner but next year when I have more structured teaching for Isaiah I have to get a different planner, there is one call well planned day, that I saw advertised that you can plan lessons for 4 different children plus it has a menu planner section also. I'm thinking of getting it for next year, or making my own based on their sample.

    Also, I think that reading the bible in spanish is a great idea. I usually am done with hs in about 1.5-2 hours and we use mainly workbooks which have a lot of writing so I don't have handwriting sheets for Kayli, but I think these are great ideas I might use for Isaiah next year. With him I am working on letter sounds although he has wanted to learn sight words with Kayli, so I am going to start reading more to him and let him draw and do flash cards for now, nothing extensive since he is only 3.


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