Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets

As you may know I find a food processor in the kitchen almost indispensable. And on a recent trip to my in-laws, I spotted my mother-in-law's food processor. I was wowed! I didn't even know they made them with different functions like slicing tomatoes for you. I may have to upgrade:)

Maybe to something like this?
Cuisinart Limited Edition Metal 14 Cup Food Processor Pictures, Images and Photos
Just kidding, but I find that cooking (and cleaning) is a lot of fun when you have the right tools. Like my Ikea bowls, they are sooo useful. My daughter says she feels like she's really cooking when she uses these. I got these for I think less than $7 for a set of three with lids.

Maybe I won't splurge on new food processor just yet, but I have my eye on this
potato peeler Pictures, Images and Photos
What's in your kitchen that makes preparing meals a lot more fun or easier?


  1. My mom gave me a blender which I have been able to make my BIL's famous smoothies which was a nice cool summer treat for my husband. It was a good way to get my tween to eat strawberries.

    I bought a small food processor which I will be using once my baby starts to eat solids so I can prepare my own baby food for her.

  2. I used it to make baby food too. I still sometimes puree applesauce for the family. Imagine what I could do with the mega one?


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