Saturday, October 17, 2009

Compassion International

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And speaking about international things (my mother and sister are in Ecuador), about two years ago my family was blessed to travel to Ecuador as well. We were privileged to preach Jesus and to bless expectant mothers as well as students. Traveling outside the USA opens your eyes to how MUCH the Lord has blessed us here. But what are we doing with these blessings?

Well, maybe you are not going internationally (yet), but you can start somewhere. Send your dollars where you are not going (for now).

Compassion International is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping children throughout the world. So, if you don't yet sponsor a child, prayerfully consider it or make a donation to this ministry.

Not only are they interested in helping children abroad, but they want to help your children and mine too! How?

Through a gaining awareness of the effects of poverty on children throughout the world. They have developed Quest for Compassion, an interactive journey into four distant villages, with the purpose of planting the seed of compassion in our children's hearts. They are also working on a Compassion Magazine for Kids. To sign up click here.

God has abundantly blessed us so that in turn we may be, how Hubby puts it, "A blessing factory!"

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  1. Recently arriving from Ecuador...I saw first hand the effect of poverty. I saw children playing in the street barefoot and nearly naked. I saw indigenious children laying on the street and their mother asking for some help. It made me aware of how truly blessed we are in this nation. Help me Lord to not limit my vision to whats around me see far beyond my surroundings.


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