Monday, September 14, 2009

A Week In Review

Last week, we began our first week of "official" homeschooling.  We had such a good time and were abundantly blessed by the Lord.  And although I am not a veteran, I have been blessed to learn a couple of things thus far.

1.  Be Prayerful
I can't imagine starting out the homeschooling day with the girls and not be in the presence of the Lord.  We pray and worship the Lord before beginning homeschooling and it makes ALL the difference.  

2.  Be Organized
Have I mentioned, how much I like to be organized?  Well, yep I do.  I like to have my calendar, lesson plans, and grade book all handy along with any other supplies I might use.

3.  Be Flexible
Although, I had a nicely printed schedule all laid out, I've already learned in the Lord, one must be flexible.  One day might start out later than the previous day, but as long as you accomplish the goal, it's a productive day.

4.  Be There
There may be the temptation to walk around and start working on something around the house, but don't.  I've noticed that when I am there (even if it's just looking at the girls working), it makes a difference on the productivity and effectiveness of their work.

5.  Be Encouraging
It can also be tempting to point out areas where your child could improve, but instead focus and praise your child's strengths.  Point out their neat handwriting, attentiveness, positive attitude.  Write happy faces on their work or put stickers (even for the bigger ones).

These are just a few things the Lord pointed out to me that have helped.  What has He been showing you? 

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  1. Praise the Lord because I am practicing 1-5 with the help of the Lord.

    Prayer is such an important factor. We have our own individual prayer time with the Lord then we get togerther and pray. I know that makes a difference on how both of our days go.

    It can be tempting to do a simple chore around the house that can take me 5 or 10 minutes, but I know me being there watching her even if its to ask her if she understands the assignment or if I can explain something to her is time much better spent.

    On church days, I am making a point to start HS earlier. This helps me to be able to get dinner and everyone ready to leave for church on time. :)


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