Monday, September 21, 2009

Hidden Savings

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Truly, I have been so blessed to find out a whole world of savings out there that I had no idea existed.  

I mentioned here that I had bought my Spanish curriculum for $0.00 OOP.  How?  Swagbucks and Thank You rewards.  

What's Swagbucks?  It's a search engine that you use and they give you swagbucks which you can redeem for prizes (like the $5 amazon cards I used to buy the Spanish curriculum and the rest of the $2.48 was paid using Thank You rewards).  
So if you haven't signed up already, do so by clicking below.

Search & Win

Also, have you tried the Rite Aid Rebates?  If not, check it out and see if it's worth it to you.  I just received my check for almost $14.  I bought a lot of stuff with little OOP expense.  

And another pleasant surprise for savings is contacting the store.  A while back, I went into Staples to buy a flex binder which I had a $2 manufacturer coupon for as well as Staples rewards.  Well, the cashier (a manager) wouldn't let me us both.  He wasn't rude; he just did not know how to do the transaction.  I got the binder for free plus a notebook and a folder.  But when I got home, I decided to email Staples letting them know I wasn't thrilled about their "I don't know" policy.  I didn't hear back from them for a while, until I got a letter with a $10 check for Staples dollars in the mail.  So it pays to give feedback.  

How have you been saving lately?


  1. I am not that good with coupons, I need the time to actually look into all of that stuff, which I don't have right now. But I know that I am going to be looking into something mentioned to me soon, which is the scratch and dent department from electronic stores, where they sell tvs, and kitchen appliances etc, if they have a slight scratch or dent from delivering, for up to 70% off. The items are brand new and eligible for their warranty. So I am def. going to be looking into that. Also selling items I don't need on Craigslist and buying new or close to new items from CList as well.

    Also if you are going to be doing any painting soon, Home Depot gives you a $5 check for every gallon of paint that you buy. I have to round up all my receipts cause they owe me some cash.

  2. I am grateful to the Lord that He has opened my eyes to a whole new way to save that I had not considered.

    I have saved the most at CVS using coupons on sale items that also give me back ECB's.

    I recently was made aware of Rite Aid rebates. I was hesitant at first not kowing if I would get the $ back. However, I received my rebate check for $9.98 for a whole bag full of goodies. My OOP total was about $2.

    P&G Saver, Red Plum, SmartSource newspaper coupon inserts are chock full of coupons.


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