Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ever Wonder...

What to do with all those school supplies?  There have been LOTS of Back to School sales.  But if you hs, every wonder what you're going to do with it all?

Well, I came up with a new filing system for our receipts.  The old one didn't end up working b/c if hubby went to the store, then he had his own system (throwing the receipts into a kitchen drawer).  And since a lot of the time, I try to be in and out of the store, I ended up scrunching the receipt wherever.  I also like to keep receipts for tracking our budget and in case of returns.

All you'll use is a binder, folders, and labels.

So here is our new system

And this idea I got from another blog but I can't remember the name (b/c I would definitely want to give her the credit b/c I'm not that crafty to think of it all on my own).

It's a composition notebook covered in scrapbooking paper to use as a journal.

So, how are you using your school supplies (besides for it's intended purpose:)?


  1. Yesterday, my tween was organizing her storage bins and when I walked into her room I noticed sooo many supplies. I wondered what to do with it all. I will be donating some of it and think of ways to re-use the rest. These are two great ways to re-purpose school supplies :)

  2. We usually donate our extra supplies also but I think these are crafty ideas.....I have a bill organizer which I love but this seems really easy to do and cheaper than buying a new one each year for $10....I can do this with things I already have in the house. Thanks for the tip.


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