Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Builder: Saving Tips

But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.  
Deuteronomy 8:18

God has called us to be stewards of His money. Let us not be fooled into thinking that the tithe (10%) and offering is His and the rest is ours.  Wrong! 100% of any and all money we receive, is His and thus we should consult Him regarding how it is spent.

So below are some ways the Lord has guided us on spending His money:

1.  Be patient
Consult God before making purchases (that's the best saving tip ever).  Once you and your husband have gotten the go ahead from God, wait.  We had wanted a laser printer for hs and I did a little research on one.  Once I saw one that got good reviews, was in our target price, and whose ink was cost effective, I waited until it was on sale. This saved us about $56 on the printer.  Don't rush to buy things, do a little homework, then wait, and you'll see God at work.

2.  Crunch the numbers
I don't like to go shopping without my tools (a list, notebook, calculator, and my coupon bag).  It keeps me focused on how much I want to spend.  But what happens when you see something on sale that's not on your list?  I was in the market for toilet paper.  CVS was having a sale and so was Target. Who's was cheaper?  Target, right? Wrong!  People's mind can think that because Target is naturally cheaper than CVS, when they're having a sale, it must be a super saver.  Wrong!  Know the price per unit and also how much are you willing to spend on the item (what's the maximum you'll spend on let's say toothpaste).  Carry a master shopping list if necessary that let's you know the best sale price you've gotten on an item.  At CVS each roll was $.50 whereas in Target is was $.59 (Costco was $.63).  So do the math.

3.  Look for alternatives
Use the creativity God has given us and switch things up a bit.  For example, make your household cleaners, use cloth towels instead of paper ones, use reusable bags instead of paper ones,   stash goodies in the car (we keep juice packs in the car and at times munchies) so if we're out and get hungry we can snack on something and not eat out, pack lunches when going out so no pit spots:).  Little changes can add up.

4.  Eliminate
I don't want to think about how much we use to spend on junk food and soda along with eating out.  Since the Lord has ministered us in this area, we now don't throw His money into destroying the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19).  We'd rather invest His money in healthy eating for the edification of our temples.  What are you buying that is unhealthy?  Cut it from your life and shopping list.  Do we ever buy goodies?  Yes, but random and seldom.  It's not part of our household staples.  Keep on hand instead fruits and veggies (with dips) for the kids.  Also, granola bars, yogurts, cheese sticks are good snacks. So eliminate the toxics from the house!

5.  Think Ahead
In the high paced society we live in, let's not get caught in doing things fast for the sake of convenience while mishandling God's finances.  So do some planning ahead.  Have a list of quick meals you can make instead of ordering out and make sure your cupboards are stocked with those ingredients on a continuous basis.  You can make large quantities of food and freeze them (I really like my handi- vac by Reynold's).  Buy fresh fruits and veggies (beans) and ditch the canned.  You can look at a list of your bills and pick one you would like to either like to lower or eliminate.  When I noticed Geico's rates on our car insurance were going up every cycle, I called them up.  By lowering my mileage because now we're hs and thus driving less, it lowered our premium about $40 a year.  So look at your bills/expenses and aim for lower/elimination.


  1. Sis thanks for the post. Somethings that I did: I cut out cable and telephone now my internet is only $29.95.... total savings $70. My hubby took a defensive driving course online saved us 10% on our insurance bill, because we just had a baby we were able to defer student loans for a while without penalty, I stick to what I need to get for the house, If I have toilet paper in the house unless it's free we don't buy it. And before we get anything we need we try freecycle and craigslist to see if they have it for free or really cheap to try it out and then we venture out and shop for it. Also if you are shopping online do a price search on the item...places like Amazon are not always cheaper sometimes they put up the prices because of free your homework!!! For coupon codes

  2. I think the best $$$ and time saving tips is to consult first and foremost with God. I know the times I have consulted the Lord before making a purchase, He will give me ideas to get it cheaper or I would get a coupon in the mail or via e-mail. Thank you Jesus!


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14