Monday, June 8, 2009

5 Tips for HS Paperwork

1.  Make copies
Keep a hard copy of all the paperwork you submit to the district office along with saving it on your computer under a separate folder.  Physically file it in a folder clearly labeled with year and children's names.  I would keep my personal reports/records separate.

2.  Send all mail certified and return receipt
Cover all bases and make sure to use certified mail.  Staple your receipts to the folder of your hard copy.

3.  Do not include your phone number
NYHEN Yahoo Group recommends to keep all contact via mail that way you have "evidence" of all communication with the homeschooling office.  Including an email address is optional.

4.  Include your child's school id #
That is, if your child has one.  This lessens the probability of having to provide proof of address. You may also want to get a copy of your child's school transcripts if applicable.

5.  Keep it simple
Provide the information required and that's it recommends Angela.  She has a section on the right side of her blog exclusively with paperwork examples.  NYHEN Yahoo Group does as well in their file section (only viewable by it's members).

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  1. I agree with keeping hard copies of eveything that is sent to the HS Office. You may need to refer to it down the road.


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