Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sifting through Curriculums

I think I have definitely narrowed my choices in curriculum for the girls for the 2009-2010.  My only real debate right now is whether or not to get a full curriculum for the little one. Honestly, I am leaning more towards no because I figure that whatever she is going to learn will be more hands-on than book based, but we will see.  I was looking at the Horizons Preschool which looks very full, which is good and it's on sale at CBD for under $90 until the end of April.  

World Magazine also sent me an offer, so I started looking into it.  It's called God's World News, gotta love the title.  They have some samples online you can look at.  Once again, it looks pretty full, which I, of course, like.  They have different age groups but with the same content throughout the age groups, which is great for teaching siblings all together.  They have some topics that I would probably end up skipping, but overall it looks very well done.  They also have a discount for multiple subscriptions.

In the end, I trust the Lord will tell us specifically what to get because He is their teacher!!!!!!!!!!

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